About us

L&S Trust Services provides fiduciary services to international clients through two independent entities, incorporated to enhance product offerings for clients with interests all over the world.

L&S Trust Services SA

L&S Trust Services SA is a Swiss company incorporated in 1969 and owned by Lenz & Staehelin, the largest law firm in Switzerland. It is a founding member of SATC (Swiss Association of Trust Companies).

L&S Trust Services SA is affiliated to the SO-FIT, the Supervisory Organisation for Financial Intermediaries & Trustees.
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L&S Services LP

L&S Services LP is a Guernsey Limited Partnership established by the partners of Lenz & Staehelin and holds a full fiduciary licence under the law regulating fiduciaries in the Bailiwick of Guernsey.
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Trust Services in Switzerland

Located in the center of Europe, politically and economically stable, Switzerland is a leading center of banking, wealth management and fiduciary services. One third of the world’s private wealth is managed in Switzerland. Trusts governed by the law of recognised trust jurisdictions outside Switzerland are effective wealth management vehicles and may be established and managed from Switzerland by Swiss trustees.

There are many reasons to consider establishing a trust in this small Alpine country.

Since ratification of the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Trusts and on their Recognition in 2007, a trust established in a foreign jurisdiction is recognised under Swiss law and governed by the law chosen by the settlor in the trust deed. This may be the law of any jurisdiction with a well established trust law, such as the USA, England, Jersey, Guernsey, Cayman or BVI. For families requiring several trusts with different applicable laws to accommodate different tax and regulatory requirements, these structures can therefore, under Swiss law, all be conveniently managed from Switzerland by one trustee located in one jurisdiction.

Trusts enjoy a favourable tax environment in Switzerland. L&S Trust Services SA, as trustee, is taxed on the fees received for the management of the trust. However, the trust is not subject to Swiss taxes. Also, provided they are not Swiss tax residents, the settlor and the beneficiaries should not be subject to Swiss taxes.

Switzerland’s extensive offer of high-end banking, legal, accounting and insurance services provides a unique opportunity to have all the parties involved in the proper functioning of a trust in one place, thus reducing time and financial expenses required to establish and run a high quality wealth planning vehicle.

Finally, being located in the center of Europe, Switzerland is a perfect jurisdiction for wealth planning in terms of a highly skilled multilingual workforce, ease of travelling and a convenient time zone.

The Island of Guernsey

Guernsey, the second largest of the Channel Islands, is an English speaking low tax area situated in the English Channel off the north-west coast of France, Although Guernsey forms part of the British Isles, it is not part of the United Kingdom. As a dependency of the British Crown, the United Kingdom government maintains responsibility for Guernsey's international relationships and defence.

The Island has its own legislature, executive and judiciary with complete responsibility for internal affairs, including legislation for taxation and company law. Guernsey has enjoyed continuous, stable self-government for more than 900 years.

Guernsey also has a special relationship with the European Union. This Is defined by Protocol 3 to the Treaty of Accession of the U.K. to the Community. This Protocol excludes Guernsey from most of the effects of the Treaty of Rome apart from those concerning trade, and provides a special arrangement allowing for the free movement of goods between the Island and EU member countries.

By virtue of this special relationship Guernsey is fiscally independent. The Island Government retains the right to determine and collect its own taxes. The Island is free from capital gains, sales, corporation, inheritance and withholding taxes and there is no VAT or exchange control.

The Island's special tax status coupled with its long history of political and economic stability, strict confidentiality, excellent communications and trained workforce are all major factors which make Guernsey an attractive offshore center.